The Boiler Room

September 21, 2011 at 1:55 pm (Words)

The room was pitch black except for the few outlines of rusted machinery illuminated by a dim boiler fire. Cassius pulled him into the room and shut and locked the heavy door behind them. Blue stood against the wall, his palms flat against the cold, smooth stone. He sneezed as his nose was filled with the stale odor of a thick layer of freshly disturbed dust.

Cassius giggled and suddenly Blue felt the rabbits body pressed against his, her slender fingers grasping at his short brown fur. She pulled his head down and met his mouth with hers, kissing him hard. Her eager hands searched his body, leaving long lines like tracks in his fur. He felt her hand slip under the waistband of his pants. He grabbed her wrist and tried to pull her hand out of his pants but she grabbed on to the top and began to unbutton them. He struggled with her but suddenly she stood up and slammed him against the wall. His head bounced off it with a sharp crack, He stopped fight now, dazed and she made quick work of unbuttoning and unzipping his pants.

As they fell around his knees, he felt her warm tongue on the tip of his cock, licking and swirling around it. It was still soft when she slid it into her mouth and closed her wet lips around his shaft. He heart started to race as she felt it growing in her mouth, filling up with blood and becoming harder with every stroke. Blues head spun, still dazed. Half conscious he held a handful of Cassius thick black hair as she slide his cock in and out of her mouth. He was completely hard now and Cassius began to kiss her way up Blue’s body. His stomach. His chest. His neck.

He felt her eager hands roaming over his flesh. She pulled him down to the floor. A thick, gritty layer of dirt scraped at his bare hands and head as she climbed on top of him. It settled on his fur and coated his nose and mouth with every breath. In the faint orange haze from the boiler fire Blue could make out the lines of the rabbits face and the shape of her body. She was smiling and her ears were perked up as she climbed on top of him.

Blue groaned as he heard her pants come off.

More dust rose into the air as she threw them carelessly on the ground. Blue could feel her presence right in front of his face, but her body blocked out the faint light. He felt the light brushing of flesh against his lip and now each breath brought the warm, sweet smell mixed with dirt. Her fingers were interwoven in his hair and she pulled his head up to her already wet cunt. Her short course hair tickled his nose as he sucked her clit up into his mouth and began flicking it with his tongue. Cassius moaned quietly and began to gently rock her hips against his face.

Blue slid his hand up her thigh and pushed two dirt covered fingers inside of her. Cassius gasped and pulled his hair hard, forcing his mouth against her pussy so tightly that he couldn’t breath. His mind began to race. Imagines of [some crazy shit] flashed repeatedly through his mind and she bore down on his face with all her weight. His tongue began to flick frantically as he tried to breath through his nose but only managed to fill his nostrils with dust and cum.

Cassius rocked her hips violently against his head over and over knocking it into the concrete floor under them. He felt droplets of blood drip from his head and crash to the ground only to be scattered across the room as his head struck the floor again. Finally, Cassius cried out and pulled Blues fur with both hands as hard as she could as she came on his face, soaking his dirty fur with her juices.

She collapsed on top of him panting heavily, her legs shaking and her whole body trembling. Blue gasped, finally able to breath and spat the taste of mud and cum out of his mouth. He thought of [something crazy]


1 Comment

  1. Bri said,

    You could use the scene of the boiler room and the sense of smell which was mentioned earlier to fill in that [something crazy] at the end, rather then having some disconnected philosophical or seemingly insightful comment. So he would turn his head and see, let’s say cum sizzling on the side of a boiler to serve as a metaphor for the volatility of life. Since the sperm would be seemingly dancing as the fire burns and squelches.

    Also I suggest a period after he sneezed in the first paragraph.

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