Everything Dies

July 9, 2011 at 3:54 pm (Words)

Blue sat on the cold ground, propped up by a tombstone that was streaked with greenish-grey mold. His expressionless face stared out past the cemetery. Still dark clouds were smeared low across the sky, blurring the lines between everything. The cemetery spread out down a hill and led into the city below. Blue could not tell the difference between the graveyard and the city in the fog.The skyline stood as a graveyard, each building a tombstone to a stillborn idea.

“Is there a difference?” he stood up and walked slowly among the rows of headstones. He paused at the grave of one that had lived and died some hundred years before he had even been born. The name and dates told him nothing beyond that fact. The person had lived to be seventy two years old. A whole life, he thought. This person had been born, had gone to school, had lovers,had  owned houses and cars. He had been loved and hated. A whole life time worth of memories, events, and people. Now it was all forgotten and unknown to anyone. All that remained of an entire life is this stone, with a name and date.

Blue’s long ears drooped. He suddenly thought how beautiful the old grey stone would look with his bloody brains splashed across it. He stood staring into the distance with that vision in his head, then abruptly moved on. He stopped when he reached a small, plain black marble tombstone. It belonged to a boy who was born dead on the same day as Blue. Blue felt a kinship with the stillborn.  He thought how lucky it was to die without ever having had the pain of living.

Blue continued on past tombstone after tombstone. He looked at how random the ages were. Sixteen, 73, 35, 3 months. No matter what you do, what kind of person you are, what kind of life you live, this is how everyone ends up. How can anything matter when nature’s goal for you is to rot underground in a wooden box. All human aspirations and aims are futile in light of natures ultimate destiny. People spend millions on makeup, gyms and diets, but in the end they succumb to wrinkles, hair loss, sagging flesh, bulging veins. As your sight and hearing fade, you die alone in the dark silence.

People spend decades in school, college and work place education to reach the point where they can’t remember their children’s names or how to take a shit without help. What’s the point in falling in love if everything you loved about the person will drain away with the years and leave you alone in the end anyways. Why go through the trouble, he thought. What is the point of struggling and fighting when there is nothing to gain?

No one and nothing can stop it. All human knowledge and ability, science, medicine and technology are powerless before entropy and death. People call life a rat race, like it is some kind game. What is the purpose of a game you can never win? Frustration, disappointment and a sense of helplessness.

That is what Blue was thinking when it started to rain. He shivered as the small, cold drops rolled down his ears. He sighed in bitter resignation as he turned and walked with his head hung low toward a mausoleum.

Cassius was laying flat on her back on top of a huge marble slab, one bare foot hanging lazily over the edge. She had pushed the skeleton from its rightful spot and was now resting her black haired head on the grinning skull. You have a lot to be happy about, she thought.

This mausoleum belonged to a young couple who had been burned alive in a car wreck on their wedding day. Cassius stared at the looming stone ceiling, half dazed while she idly fingered herself. She had been trying to get off, but she had grown bored and was quickly losing interest. Besides, she kept thinking of being burned alive and whether or not that would be worse than drowning to death. It depends on what you drown in, she concluded.

That is what Cassius was thinking of when Blue walked into the cold tomb, soaking wet. He smiled wearily when he saw her and sat on the edge of her not-so-final resting place, his legs dangling off the side. Cassius’s ears perked up and she laid her head in Blue’s lap. He slowly ran his long fingers through her short black hair and over her ears. He did this absently, his mind preoccupied. At that moment he was thinking of when a baby bird tries to fly for the first time and it falls to the unforgiving earth, breaking every bone it its fragile little body. While he thought of that, Cassius unbuttoned and unzipped his pants.

When Blue finally realized what the rabbit was doing he sighed, “Cassius, I really don’t feel like doing anything,”

“So?” she said, sitting up and stuck out her bottom lip in a pouty frown, the next moment she smiled mischievously.

She pushed him onto his back and hopped on top of him, straddling his body. Blue looked away and sighed, but put his hands on her thin hips. Cassius looked at his distant, lifeless expression and wondered for a moment as she felt her cunt grow wet, why she liked to do this so much with Blue when it was obvious that he didn’t want to. Well, she thought – that is the reason, I guess.

The rabbit leaned down, putting her face close to his and rested her two fingers on his lips. They still smelled of her –  it was  warm and familiar, like a tattered stuffed animal that managed to survive past childhood. Cassius slid her finger’s into his mouth and began slowly pushing them in and out while breathing heavily into his ear.

“You like that, don’t you little boy?” she said slyly.

Blue had closed his eyes, resigned to his fate as a living masturbation toy. He slid his hands up her thin shirt onto her flat stomach and then onto her small breasts. She laughed at the mixed look on his face of torture and pleasure as she felt him grow hard beneath her ass, despite his protests. She began to rock her eager body against his hard cock and traced long pink lines down his chest with her sharp nails. Blue bit down on his bottom lip and opened his eyes. She took her fingers out of his mouth.

“That always works, you little slut,” she said, Blue smiled sheepishly and shrugged as she pulled off her pants and threw them, rattling some dusty bones nearby. An expression of horror dominated Blue’s face as he noticed the grinning skull of the doomed bride and remembered what this place was.

He was speechless, but he tried to fight his way from underneath the insane rabbit. She grinned from ear to long pointed ear at the look on his face and she pushed down on him, forcing his still hard cock inside of her dripping hole. She shuddered as it slid in easily, touching ever part. Blue closed his eyes again and tried to focus on the warm, wet, slippery sensation between his legs. Cassius started to rock against him, sliding him all the way in her and all the way out, over and over. She licked his closed mouth then bit down viciously on his lip, filling her mouth with the taste of old pennies.

Blue moaned along and help her hips as she moved up and down. He looked up at Cassius’s face, she had her head leaned back and she was smiling – the kind of grin one gets from destroying something you love. He felt her body tense, the muscles contracting around his dick, felt like a million snakes coiled around it. She pulled a handful of his messy light brown hair and shoved her body down as hard as she could as she came on him. Blue laid back expectantly while she laid still for a moment. Then she sat up smiling maliciously as she pulled herself off his glistening, unsatisfied cock.

“You didn’t want to do it anyways, right?” she said spitefully. Blue started to object as she pulled her pants on but knew it was useless to try and fight her. Besides he was thinking of how a parasite numbs you as it sinks its teeth into your flesh.


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