Cassius’s breakdown

July 8, 2011 at 10:08 pm (Words)

“To be laying naked on your back with a strange man bearing down on you. To feel his body between your legs, his hot stinking breath on your face. To fight and bleed and to lose helplessly when he shoves his cock inside of you.”  Cassius’s gray eyes welled up with tears “To scream and know that no one cares enough to help you as your life is being torn from you. To feel him inside of you, each thrust a blow to your will to live. To know that he is getting off faster because of the tears on your face, only it isn’t your face anymore. It belongs to him, To be used by the lowest type of person for the lowest type of pleasure.” Her voice cracked.  She looked away, angry at herself. She raised her voice in an effort to control it. “To become the object, the source of that type of mans pleasure. That is the most honest thing in the world, Blue.” She was screaming now. Tears pour down her face freely now, rising up from her eyes, and soaking into her black fur. “THAT is what life is. To have your precious hole filled with pain and shame and guilt and worthlessness. And to be left alone, crying, bleeding covered in a hopeless rage and a strangers cum.” She covered her face with her hands and fell to her knees, collapsing onto Blues lap. He sat still as she sobbed quietly. He had never seen her cry. He placed on hand gently on her head, stroking her smooth, black fur. After several long moments, he realized that her sobs had stopped. She raised up, and wiped her wet face on her sleeve. She glanced up at Blues face, but did not meet his eyes. She reached up and pulled him down to her, wordlessly and laying beside him pressed herself up against him. She nuzzled her face against his chest, and held him tightly, and soon, was asleep. Blue laid there with her, still not moving, except for his hand on her head. He was thinking of how the new alpha male lion will kill all the cubs in the pride that don’t belong to him.


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